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Warp Room

The Warp Room is a secure meeting point where customers, agents and other actors connect to a multiparty video conference to conduct eSign ceremonies, collaborate, pitch a product or otherwise conduct business. This environment provides a set of tools and services for identity validation, eNotarization and real-time collaboration.


API driven

  • The Warp Room is driven by an API that lets customers integrate the creation, scheduling and management or Warp Rooms within their CRM applications
  • Along with the API, a set of connectors and plugins is provided for easier integration with 3rd party applications

Runs in the browser

  • No plugins
  • No software installation
  • Web-based application[1] for desktop and mobile

[1] An WebRTC-capable browser (such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge) is required.

Real-time conferencing

  • WebRTC based multi-party video conferencing based on SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) architecture
  • Unlimited participants
  • First-class audio/video codecs
  • Multi-party chat
  • File sharing
  • Encrypted signaling (secure WebSocket and HTTPS) and real-time media (WebRTC DTLS-SRTP)


  • Multi-party eSign ceremonies
  • eNotary services within the eSign process workflow
  • In-person eSign


  • Document sharing
  • Screen/application sharing

Identity validation

  • Dynamic participants’ identity validation through Q&A, driver's license, ID card or Passport
  • Guarantees participants’ identity before the business process is started

Payment-gateway integration

  • Ability to perform online payments within the Warp Room session

Audit trail

  • Full multimedia session recording, including eSign procedures and screen/application sharing

Federated Identity

The Warp Room platform relies on the customer’s organization OpenID Identity Provider to allow users to log into a Warp Room.

No need for usernames and credentials.

Scalability and Availability

The Warp Room service is built for Scalability and Availability. In order to achieve this, the Warp Room infrastructure is deployed behind load balancers in front of redundant application servers.

The system is deployed in Google Compute Engine, providing scalable virtual servers, Global Load Balancing, fast and secure networks and the possibility to create and manage dynamic containers with Kubernetes and Dockers.

Continuous Delivery

Our development team at WarpMe, strives to achieve continuous delivery by regularly integrating proprietary software, building executables, and running automated tests to detect problems. We push the executables into increasingly production-like environments to ensure success at deployment. For this purpose, we integrate Github, Jenkins and Docker.

  • Github: Source Repository.
  • Jenkins: an automation engine with an unparalleled plugin ecosystem to support all of your favorite tools in your delivery pipelines. It supports goals of continuous integration, automated testing, or continuous delivery.
  • Docker: the open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications, anywhere.



Warp Room is offered as a service in our cloud infrastructure and licensed on one of our subscription plans.


Upon request, the Warp Room software can be deployed into the customer’s infrastructure.

WarpMe also provides customers with well-known, production-grade container orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes + Docker for the customer’s IT department to deploy the system.


The Warp Room can connect to 3rd-party services by setting up configurable connectors.

OpenID Connector

The customer can enable his own OpenID Identity Provider as the authentication mechanism for the organization members. Those can be:

  • Google
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Office365
  • any OpenID Connect certified identity provider

eSign Connector

Currently available for Docusign and Silanis, the eSign connector enables the creation of eSign packages and the ability to embed the multi-party eSign ceremony into a Warp Room.


Plugins are available to manage Warp Rooms from 3rd party applications.

Outlook Connector

Enables the creation, scheduling and managing of Warp Rooms within the Microsoft Outlook application.

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